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Obituary of Elizabeth Taiwo Olorunfemi



Mrs. Elizabeth Taiwo Olorunfemi was born in 1940s into the family of Pa Michael Ayeni and Madam Janet Ayeni (both of blessed memories) from Inisa Compound, Okekere Quarters, Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.   She was the second born but, the first female child of her parents. From her name Taiwo, she had a twin brother (kehinde) who was one of Nigeria Army Personnel that died in the course of Nigerian Civil War of 6thJuly 1967-15th Jan 1970.

In her quest for formal education she went through a number of educational  programs and had the following certificates / qualifications to her credit:

  1. Primary School Leaving Certificate                                            Jan,1958
  2. Secondary Modern School Leaving Certificate                     1961
  3. Teachers’ Certificate Grade II                                                      Jan 1968
  4. Associateship  Certificate in Education, from University of Ife, Nigeria, now OAU, Ile-Ife                 1985
  5. Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE)                                     1993

Other short duration training/workshop she attended were,

  1. War Against Indiscipline Brigade Trainer’s                     Feb 1996
  2. Workshop of the organization and management of Primary School Libraries Centers     Sept, 1992
  3. Training on capacity strengthening of community project implementation committee (CPIC) members in Ekiti State, Nigeria Dec.,2004

Madam E.T. Olorunfemi , chose the teaching profession as a career and she rose through the ranks in the Primary School Education System in Nigeria and she retired honorably after 35years of meritorious service as Class Teacher (CT)and Headmistress (HM) respectively.

The  school she served with dates included:

  1. St. Benedicts Modern School, Ikere-Ekiti                (Jan-Dec,1967) CT
  2. St. Pius Catholic School, Ikere-Ekiti                           (Jan 1968-Dec. 1970) CT
  3. St. Paul’s School ‘A’ Emure-Ekiti                                 (Jan 1971-Dec. 1974) CT
  4. L.A School, Igbara Odo –Ekiti                                       (Dec 1974- Dec. 1975) CT
  5. St. James Anglican School, Igbara Odo-Ekiti           (Jan -Aug, 1976) CT
  6. St. Paul’s School, Emure-Ekiti                                      (Aug 1976-Aug 1978) HM
  7. L.A School, Emure-Ekiti                                                  (Sept-Dec, 1978)AHM
  8. The Apostolic School, Emure-Ekiti                             (Jan, 1979-Sept 1980) HM
  9. St. John’s Anglican School, Are, Ikere-Ekiti             (Oct 1980-Aug 1985) HM
  10. St. Matthew’s C.A.C Pry School Ikere-Ekiti             (Sept 1985 -Aug 1986) HM
  11. St. Thomas’s Anglican Pry School Ikere-Ekiti         (Sept 1986-Jan 1988) HM
  12. St. Pius R.C.M Pry School Ikere-Ekiti                         (Feb 1988-Oct 1997) HM
  13. Holy Ghost Catholic Pry School, Ikere-Ekiti            (Oct 1997-Aug 1998) HM
  14. St. Stephen’s Anglican Pry School, Ikere-Ekiti       (Sept 1998 – Dec 2001) HM


She got married to the love of her heart and her appreciated friend, late James Adedayo OLORUNFEMI on the 8th January 1967 at Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Ikere-Ekiti, Nigeria.  Through the abundance of God’s grace upon their union, a lovely home was built and she lived with her spouse joyfully for over 51years until 9th October 2018 when her husband died.  Having further advanced the parenthood roles over the home cum the family tree she built with her late husband for over two years, Mrs. Elizabeth Taiwo OLORUNFEMI died peacefully on the 17th July, 2021 in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.

During her life time she was a good Christian who, convincingly accepted, practiced and committed to the Catholic Faith till the end of her journey here on earth. She was a baptized communicant and a confirmed Catholic.  Also, she played varying leadership roles in a number of pious and other societies/groups in the church, viz: Legion of Mary, Sacred Heart, Christian Mothers, Catholic Women Organization, awards by various structures of the Universal church.

It is very necessary to mention that, she was quite sociable and she made great positive impacts on the lives of people around her; thousands of people that passed through her as students, her siblings/relatives, in-laws, Teachers Retirees (Union) in Ikere Local Government/Ekiti State, the Ifesowapo Cooperative Society etc

To the glory of God, she lived a fulfilled life and survived by Seven children, Six children in-law and Twenty grand children. May her soul receive the mercy of God and rest in perfect peace (Amen)  




  1. Mr. Oluwadare Olorunfemi
  2. Mrs. Foluke Catherine Olowolafe
  3. Mr. Oluwole Anthony Olorunfemi
  4. Engr. Michael Adebusuyi Olorunfemi, J.P
  5. Mr. Temitope Raphael Olorunfemi
  6. Miss Adesola Mary Olorunfemi
  7. Mrs. Ayodele Lucia Ayegbusi


  1. Mr. Oluwasegun Olowolafe
  2. Mrs. Adekemi Olorunfemi
  3. Mrs,Tolulope Olorunfemi
  4. Mrs. Omowumi Olorunfemi
  5. Mr. Tade Ayegbusi
  6. Mrs. Abimbola Olorunfemi


  1. Olorunfemi Kehinde Elizabeth
  2. Olorunfemi Emmanuel
  3. Olowolafe Ifeoluwapo
  4. Olorunfemi Anne Oluwatosin
  5. Olowolafe Olamide
  6. Olowolafe Oluwadamilola Michael
  7. Olorunfemi Vincent Oluwasogo
  8. Olorunfemi Johan Oluwadarasimi
  9. Olorunfemi Oluwasekemi Elizabeth
  10. Olorunfemi Paul Oluwaseun
  11. Olorunfemi Michael  Toluwanimi
  12. Olowolafe Oluwasunmisola Precious
  13. Olorunfemi Olamide Shadrach
  14. Olorunfemi Esther Oluwabunmi
  15. Olorunfemi Elizabeth Ewaoluwa
  16. Ayegbusi Excel Oluwafikayomi
  17. Olorunfemi David
  18. Olorunfemi Stephen Oluwademilade
  19. Ayegbusi Dellight Oluwafirewami
  20. Olorunfemi Dorcas Iyanuoluwa
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