RUFINA ILAGAN Rufina or "Nanay Pinay" lived her life to the fullest. She was a devoted wife who looked after her 5 children when her husband worked overseas for decades starting in 1960's. While her husband was working overseas, she became the sole parent guiding and providing love to her young children. Countless love letters were exchanged between her and her husband to keep communication going between them. She mailed letters a few times a month and looked forward to the same from her distant lover, the love of her life for 74 years and 11 months. Her husband fondly called her "Payat" for those long years, which she cherished. Rufina is predeceased by Raymunda Atienza and Andres de Villa (parents); Alberto, Pepe, Alfredo, Melecio, Antonio and Reynaldo (brothers); and Dementria and Consolacion (sisters). She is survived by daughters Patricia Ilagan Lafrance (Claude ) and Nelia Ilagan Arandia; and sons Pedro JR. (Cora), Rodolfo (Grace) and Antonio (Marichu); grandchildren Ivy (Serge), Hubert (Liza), Ton (Celsa), Karren (Elson), Michelle (June), Shane, Tonet and Erica; and 7 great grandchildren. "Nanay Pinay" also learned to be a carpenter to get things fixed at home while her husband was away. And she was probably one of the earliest women entrepreneurs (Yes, women power!) in her area when she embarked on an embroidery sewing business to earn a bit of money and employ a few women. She not only worked hard for her family, but also loved and sacrificed for them, including her grandchildren. She babysat her "apos," helped them financially to go to school, cooked for them, and cared for them in many ways. She was a doting "Lola." While she could her moments as well she was there for everyone unconditionally. Her love of family extended to other relatives and even strangers as well. She believed that one should always do good to other people, especially to the less fortunate. Self-sacrifice and untiring love of family and other people defined her life. People around her felt her warmth and love. No matter how tired she was caring for family, she would end her day in prayers, again asking for blessings for her loved ones. We will miss you "Inay/Nanay" but your loving memories will make us smile and give us strength to hopefully lead the kind of life you lived for 96 years. "Maraming Salamat Po Sa Inyo." We love you very much! Behind a strong woman is a super Nanay who never failed to show her unconditional love to her apo. A lola who put you in a pedestal and made sure you will never feel empty and unloved. A lola who made so much sacrifices so that her apos will have a decent and comfortable life. It hurts to the core but I am happy that when the angels welcome you to heaven all the memories, laughter, adventures we had will all now come back to you again - clear and vivid! You’ll remember me na ulit your dear pagebonggebong, kaming lahat I LOVE YOU SO MUCH NANAY! Rest easy now our matriarch, our Queen Elizabeth. We’ll take care of Mamay, the love of your life for almost 75 years. Salamat sa lahat Nanay
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