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Learn more about the product choices that are part of a meaningful funeral.

Your loved one’s life and personality can be reflected through your choice of casket or urn and woven throughout the ceremony. Personalization can be as simple or detailed as you like, honoring special relationships, interests, spirituality, and service.

Burial Caskets

When selecting a casket for your loved one, several factors may affect your decision, including personalization features, material type and your own personal taste.

Typically, your first decision is whether you prefer metal or wood. Metal is treasured for its strength, durability and elegance, while wood is valued for its warmth and natural beauty. Various types of metal and species of wood are available.

Design choices range from basic styling to graceful curves and fine finishes. Personalization features allow you to add meaningful elements to the casket to help tell the story and remember the life.

Cremation Caskets

Cremation caskets are constructed from wood and are available in a range of styles to complement the services you select. Depending upon your selection, you can apply meaningful personalization elements that help you tell the story and remember the life.

Cremation Containers

Cremation containers are made from a variety of composite wood and cardboard materials with basic designs and features. They are a suitable option when a private viewing or informal identification service is selected.

Memorial Urns

Memorial urns are available in a variety of materials.

materials and designs to complement the final placement of your loved one’s remains, whether in a cemetery, the home or garden, a niche, or another special place. Many urns feature personalization elements that help you pay tribute to a meaningful life.

*the descriptions above are from the Batesville website