The Importance of Funeral Services

Regardless of your beliefs and cultural background, losing someone you care about is never easy. Moving through the steps of acceptance and grieving are important aspects of moving forward. At Cropo Funeral Chapel, we’ve witnessed just how instrumental funeral services can be in easing this often difficult process. Funerals are about more than just honouring the deceased; they’re about helping those who remain carry on.

Husband consoling grieving Wife

Rituals and symbols

As in other places, a typical funeral service in Winnipeg often includes one or more eulogies, display of the remains, casket, prayers, songs, sharing of photos and mementos, and a gathering of the deceased’s friends and family. All of these elements work together to help mourners at a time of loss when emotions are high. The rituals and symbols attached to funeral services help restore a sense of order. They help the intangible reality of the loss take shape and form, solidifying it into something real. It’s this grounding that allows mourners to begin moving through their grief and accept the significant change that occurs when a loved one passes away.

Communities coming together

One of the most important aspects of funeral services is that they provide an opportunity for communities to come together. When a death occurs, it’s essential to have people close by with whom we can share our grief. Sharing memories, stories, and anecdotes of the deceased is a part of the grieving process. Being surrounded by a supportive group of fellow mourners eases our sorrow and provides comfort that the deceased will live on through their survivors. Lifting each other up during times of loss is essential to helping us heal and a reminder that life continues.

Family Holding Urn

The significance of grieving

Fully mourning a loss is crucial for the health and wellbeing of those left behind. A death that’s not fully mourned, called incomplete grieving by psychologists, can lead to depression and other mental health issues. A funeral service in Winnipeg is a stepping-stone to moving through the necessary steps of mourning, including acceptance and acknowledging the pain of the loss.

Cropo Funeral Chapel

We offer chapel services in Winnipeg at our location on Main Street. For 60 years we’ve been committed to providing end of life services that honour the deceased and help their survivors accept their loss and begin to heal. We respect a diversity of traditions, cultures and customs. Contact us today with any questions you have about our funeral home in Winnipeg and the services we provide.