Getting the Word Out

We at Cropo Funeral Chapel would like to assist you in getting the word out regarding your special events that occur throughout the year.   On our website,,   we have a location called News and Events where we can place information regarding your Church functions. Our goal in utilizing this tool is to allow people who visit our website the ability to find out about ways to support and be involved in their community.  We hope this will increase awareness and the attendance at your event and in turn increase the funds you raise.

Some helpful guide lines.

  • When approved, information for the event will be posted no earlier than 3 weeks prior.
  • Information will be removed 1 week after the event.
  • A copy of the color “poster” you are using would work best. This can be emailed as an attachment or dropped off in person.(Faxes and Verbal will not be accepted)
  • If a poster or pamphlet is unavailable, we can add the typed information to our site after it is emailed to us.
  • Ensure that the event advertisement you give us has clear contact information so the public can contact you.
  • Please give us a contact in case we have questions or need clarification.

Let us assist you and grow as a community together.

Please contact Dianne Jannetta at with inquiries and submissions for our site. (204-586-8044)