In the past, it has been unclear if and how ashes could be scattered on provincially owned lands and waterways. A motion was introduced in the Spring 2013 session of the Legislature by MLA Mohinder Saran to recognize that Manitoba's diverse population has many cultural and religious traditions wherein the scattering of ashes in waterways is customary. As a result, the Province has decided to clarify what can be done with cremated remains in waterways.

New Policy:                                    

  Human remains that have been properly cremated may be scattered on unoccupied provincially owned Crown land or water (which includes provincial parks) without the formal consent of government. Care should be taken to ensure that ashes are not scattered near drinking water or recreational water activities like swimming.

Questions and Answers:

What can be done with cremated remains? You can:
• Purchase a compartment ("niche") in a columbarium
• Purchase a lot in a cemetery
• Scatter in a cemetery, with the permission of the cemetery owner
• Scatter on private land, with the consent of the owner
• Scatter on unoccupied provincially owned Crown land or water (including provincial parks) without government/consent.

A licensed funeral director can assist with arrangements. You can talk to your licensed funeral director about your options, if desired. Can cremated remains be scattered on municipal property? Contact your municipal government if you want to scatter on municipal water or land.

Novembers 2013