101. Cry Until You Laugh : Comforting Guidance for Coping With Grief

by Richard J. Obershaw

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Paperback - 192 pages

This book mixes humor with solid practical advice for coping with grief in a down-to-earth, meet-you-where-you-live approach.

102. The Good Death : The New American Search to Reshape the End of Life

by Marilyn Webb

Amazon.com Price: $14.95

Paperback - 512 pages

Although modern technology has lengthened our lives and altered how many of us may face death, it has also created painful legal, moral, and spiritual dilemmas. Noted journalist Marilyn Webb addresses these new realities in this riveting, disturbing, yet surprisingly hopeful and inspiring book.

103. When a Man Faces Grief / A Man You Know Is Grieving

by James E. Miller (Introduction), Thomas Golden

Amazon.com Price: $6.95

Paperback - 64 pages

Tom Golden and Jim Miller teamed up to write this concise, informative guide. Half is for men as they grieve and the other half for those who want to understand the masculine style of grief and learn how to support men as they mourn.

104. A Mother's Story

by Gloria Vanderbilt

Amazon.com Price: $10.95

Paperback - 160 pages

Journeying back into her own traumatic childhood and the early death of her beloved husband, Vanderbilt discusses her anguish over the suicide of her twenty-four-year-old son and her struggle to cope with the pain and grief over the death of her child.

105. Continuing Bonds : New Understandings of Grief

by Dennis Klass (Editor), Phyllis R. Silverman, Steven L. Nickman (Editor)

Amazon.com Price: $40.00


Subjects include: bereaved children's changing relationships with the deceased, widowhood and husband sanctification, etc.

106. Never Too Young to Know : Death in Children's Lives

by Phyllis Rolfe Silverman

Amazon.com Price: $24.95

Paperback - 304 pages

Using stories of children's own experiences supported by data from a large research study, the author explains the wide reange of effects of loss upon children, the challenges they face as they grieve, and ways of supporting them as they change and grow in the bereavement process.

107. Life and Loss : A Guide to Help Grieving Children

by Linda Goldman

Amazon.com Price: $25.95

Paperback - 176 pages

Appropriate for: Healthcare Professionals, Parents.

108. Living With Grief After Sudden Loss : Suicide Homicide Accident Heart Attack Stroke

by Kenneth J. Doka (Editor)

Amazon.com Price: $17.95


In this book, 21 nationally recognized experts in the field of trauma and grief guide readers to recognize elements of the role of effective helping related to all kinds of sudden loss. Included are chapters on suicide, homicide, accident, heart attack, stroke, military deaths and much more.

109. Breaking the Silence : A Guide to Help Children With Complicated Grief : Suicide, Homicide, Aids, Violence, and Abuse

by Linda Goldman

Amazon.com Price: $33.95

Paperback - 231 pages

Subject covered include: normal grief symptoms, suicidal thoughts in children, reporting child abuse, including children in a funeral, etc.

110. Widower : When Men Are Left Alone

by Phyllis R. Silverman, Scott D. Campbell

Amazon.com Price: $42.95

Hardcover - 238 pages

In Widower: When Men are Left Alone, a journalist and a social worker explore the grief process as men experience it. The book contains the oral histories of twenty men, ranging in age from 30 to 94, who have lost their wives to a range of causes.