91. The Journey Through Grief: Reflections on Healing

by Alan D. Wolfelt

List Price: $19.95
Amazon.com Price: $13.97
You Save: $5.98 (30%)
Hardcover - 144 pages

This spiritual guide to those grieving the death of someone loved explores the mourner's journey through grief, in particular the six needs that all mourners must meet to heal and grow.

92. The Healing Journey Through Grief: Your Journal for Reflection and Recovery

by Phil Rich

List Price: $17.95
Amazon.com Price: $12.57
You Save: $5.38 (30%)
Paperback - 256 pages

Like a knowing and sympathetic companion, this unique journal is designed to help you work through the painful emotions, thoughts, and memories that surface when you have lost someone dear to you. Written by a professional counselor, this book supplies you with important information about grief and the grieving process. But, more importantly, it invokes the healing power of writing to provide you with a means for collecting your thoughts, sorting out your feelings, and taking an active part in your own recovery.

93. Good Grief: Healing Through the Shadow of Loss

by Deborah Morris Coryell

Amazon.com Price: $15.00

Paperback - 160 pages

Startling, simple, and beautifully written, Good Grief: Healing Through the Shadow of Loss is for anyone who is grieving. Good Grief is also practical, highlighting techniques designed to alleviate the emotional trauma of loss.

94. She Came to Live Out Loud : An Inspiring Family Journey Through Illness, Loss, and Grief

by Myra MacPherson, Kenneth J. Doka (Introduction)

List Price: $25.00
Amazon.com Price: $17.50
You Save: $7.50 (30%)
Hardcover - 384 pages

Acclaimed author and journalist Myra MacPherson takes the reader on a remarkably intimate journey into the world of Anna, a vibrant young woman, as she and her family live with dying. Threaded through this personal tapestry are vital information and guidance needed by each of us when struggling with great stress and grief. It teaches us all how to be stronger friends for those we love who have a limited time to live.

95. Our Stories of Miscarriage : Healing With Words

by Rachel Faldet (Editor), Karen Fitton (Editor)

List Price: $13.95
Amazon.com Price: $11.16
You Save: $2.79 (20%)
Paperback - 224 pages

Approximately twenty percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. This moving collection of stories, essays, and poems provides the sort of emotional support and personal identification that so many people desperately crave. Fifty contributors, including four men, share vivid, real-life accounts of how miscarriage has affected their lives.

96. When Men Grieve : Why Men Grieve Differently and How You Can Help

by Elizabeth Levang

List Price: $14.95
Amazon.com Price: $10.47
You Save: $4.48 (30%)
Paperback - 224 pages

Insightful text on the unique character of men's grief and how they face loss. Includes poetry and strategies for partners, friends, and relatives.

97. Intimate Death : How the Dying Teach Us How to Live

by Marie de Hennezel, Carol Brown Janeway (Translator)

List Price: $12.00
Amazon.com Price: $9.60
You Save: $2.40 (20%)
Paperback - 208 pages

How do we learn to die? Most of us spend our lives avoiding that question, but this luminous book--a major best-seller in France--answers it with a directness and eloquence that are nothing less than transforming.

98. Heaven's Not a Crying Place : Teaching Your Child About Funerals, Death, and the Life Beyond

by Joey O'Connor

List Price: $12.99
Amazon.com Price: $10.39
You Save: $2.60 (20%)
Paperback - 208 pages

Writing with warmth and understanding, Joey O'Connor shows how to teach your child to trust God and celebrate life and to deal with, learn from, and have hope in the face of death.

99. Unspeakable Losses : Understanding the Experience of Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage, and Abortion

by Kim Kluger-Bell

List Price: $23.95
Amazon.com Price: $16.77
You Save: $7.18 (30%)
Hardcover - 171 pages

A groundbreaking psychological study of the enduring impact of pregnancy loss and abortion. Unspeakable Losses is an indispensable contribution to the growing dialogue on women and pregnancy loss.

100. In the Wake of Suicide : Stories of the People Left Behind

by Victoria Alexander

Amazon.com Price: $25.00

Paperback - 256 pages

The first paperback edition of deeply moving, wonderfully written, inspiring stories told by people whose lives have been touched by the suicide of someone close to them - a book of wisdom, inspiration and emotional healing.