81. When There Are No Words : Finding Your Way to Cope With Loss and Grief

by Charlie Walton

Amazon.com Price: $9.95

Paperback - 112 pages

If Grief is a journey, the author takes our hand to help us along the path.

82. The Grieving Child : A Parent's Guide

by Helen Fitzgerald, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (Designer)

List Price: $12.00
Amazon.com Price: $9.60
You Save: $2.40 (20%)
Paperback - 207 pages

Explaining death to a child is one of the most difficult tasks a parent or other relative faces. The Grieving Child now provides much-needed guidance, covering such areas as visiting the seriously ill or dying, especially difficult situations, including suicide and murder, attending a funeral, and the role religion can play.

83. Mourning and Dancing : A Memoir of Grief and Recovery

by Sally Downham Miller(Preface)

List Price: $10.95
Amazon.com Price: $8.76
You Save: $2.19 (20%)
Paperback - 215 pages

The story of a young husband's death, and the grieving and healing of those who knew him, will lead readers through their own losses.

84. Miscarriage : Women Sharing from the Heart

by Marie Allen, Shelly Marks

List Price: $17.95
Amazon.com Price: $12.57
You Save: $5.38 (30%)
Paperback - 272 pages

The authors provide a wealth of supportive empowering information based on extensive research and their own personal experiences with miscarriage. Over 17 million women in America have had miscarriages; this important work will help them to deal with the grief, guilt and denial associated with the loss of their babies. Features the voices of 100 women who have experienced miscarriage and offers excellent insight into the social and psychological ramifications of this tragic end to pregnancy.

85. Death : The Final Stage of Growth

by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross(Editor)

List Price: $11.00
Amazon.com Price: $8.80
You Save: $2.20 (20%)
Paperback - 208 pages

Dr. Kubler-Ross, the world-renowned psychiatrist whose pioneering work identified the five stages of terminal illness, shows how we come to terms with the idea of death.

86. When Your Friend's Child Dies: A Guide to Being a Thoughtful and Caring Friend

by Julane Grant

Amazon.com Price: $6.95

Paperback - 80 pages

A simply written, straight-forward book that will tell you what to say and do when you have a friend whose child has died. And, just as important, Chapter 1 tells you what not to say and why. An early reader described this book as a "slap-in-the-face wake-up call." After reading this book you will positively know how to comfort a parent who has lost a child, even ten years later.

87. Bereaved Children and Teens : A Support Guide for Parents and Professionals

by Earl A. Grollman (Editor)

List Price: $16.00
Amazon.com Price: $11.20
You Save: $4.80 (30%)
Paperback - 256 pages

Bringing together fourteen experts from across the United States and Canada, Bereaved Children and Teens is a comprehensive guide to helping children and adolescents cope with the emotional, religious, social, and physical consequences of a loved one's death. The result is an indispensable reference for parents, teachers, counselors, health-care professionals, and clergy.\

88. Helping Children Grieve : When Someone They Love Dies

by Theresa Huntley

Amazon.com Price: $8.99

Paperback - 79 pages

This book will help you listen to children, answer their questions, and guide them in coping with their feelings. Also included are helps for dealing with the behavior changes that often accompany a child's grief.

89. The Dying Time : Practical Wisdom for the Dying and Their Caregivers

by Joan Furman, David McNabb (Contributor)

List Price: $14.00
Amazon.com Price: $11.20
You Save: $2.80 (20%)
Paperback - 224 pages

Here is a comprehensive handbook for the dying and their caregivers. It walks the reader through the dying time, providing details on how to make the environment conducive to peace, give physical care, and remain healthy as a caregiver.

90. Beyond Grief : A Guide for Recovering from the Death of a Loved One

by Carol Staudacher

List Price: $14.95
Amazon.com Price: $10.47
You Save: $4.48 (30%)
Paperback - 244 pages

The complete guide for surviving the death of a loved one. Acknowledges pain, reassures and counsels, but most of all it is hopeful and loving.