31. I'm Grieving As Fast As I Can : How Young Widows and Widowers Can Cope and Heal

by Linda Sones Feinberg

List Price: $14.95
Amazon.com Price: $10.47
You Save: $4.48 (30%)
Paperback - 180 pages

Highlighting the special circumstances of facing an untimely death.

32. Morrie: In His Own Words

by Morrie Schwartz, Paul Solman (Introduction)

Amazon.com Price: $9.95

Paperback - 127 pages

In these remarkable pages are the profound, life-affirming words of Morrie Schwartz as he faced his own imminent death. In 1994, at the age of seventy-seven, Schwartz learned he had ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Undaunted, the former professor embraced his illness, choosing to live passionately and calmly until the end. He also embarked on his greatest teaching adventure: sharing his evolving knowledge of living while dying.

33. Living When a Loved One Has Died

by Earl A. Grollman

List Price: $10.00
Amazon.com Price: $8.00
You Save: $2.00 (20%)
Paperback - 115 pages

This is a book about death and life, written for those who have sustained a loss of a loved one, ending a chapter, but who have the possibility of beginning a new chapter, drawing its substance from the pages that went before.

34. Life After Loss : A Personal Guide Dealing With Death, Divorce, Job Change and Relocation

by Bob Deits

List Price: $14.00
Amazon.com Price: $11.20
You Save: $2.80 (20%)
Paperback - 242 pages

Here is a positive, sensitive approach for successful recovery from painful loss, including the death of a loved one or friend, divorce, relocation, job loss, retirement, major surgery or onset of chronic illness. It's a book for doing as much as reading. You will find helpful exercises and charts for working through your grief.

35. Companion Through the Darkness : Inner Dialogues on Grief

by Stephanie Ericsson

List Price: $14.00
Amazon.com Price: $11.20
You Save: $2.80 (20%)
Paperback - 208 pages

A guide to grieving offers a series of meditations that address such themes as Abandonment, Rage, Exile, Silences, Cherishing, Spiritual Awakenings, and more.

36. Awakening from Grief: Finding the Road Back to Joy

by John E. Welshons

Amazon.com Price: $14.95

Paperback - 210 pages

AWAKENING FROM GRIEF is a treasure chest filled with heart-warming stories of growth, insightful, compassionate wisdom, and useful, inspirational help. It is a superb resource for those who are working to understand the confusing and difficult emotions surrounding loss. It will help the reader to develop a new perspective on loss . . . to recognize that rather than victimizing us, loss gives us the opportunity to develop a deeper experience of life, a deeper experience of love, and a profoundly expanded sense of happiness. It speaks directly to those who are dealing with the loss of a relationship, divorce, the death of a parent, the loss of a spouse, caring for an aging or sick relative, the loss of a child, alcoholic parents, and the illness or death of friends. It is a tremendous aid to those who are grieving, those who care for them, and those who wish to prepare for life's inevitable changes.

37. A Mother Loss Workbook : Healing Exercises for Daughters

by Diane Hambrook, et al

List Price: $15.95
Amazon.com Price: $11.17
You Save: $4.78 (30%)
Paperback - 352 pages

Inspired by Hope Edelman's bestselling Motherless Daughters, authors Diane Hambrook and Gail Eisenberg have created a sensitive,m accessible workbook for women suffering the wounds of early mother loss. A Mother Loss Workbook is designed to help the ,motherless daughter tell the story she needs to tell--her story. Its varied exercises, open-ended questions, writing topics, and activities, drawn from Hambrook's years of work with motherless daughters, provide both careful direction and generous room for self-expression. This book is a safe place where no one will judge a woman, where the work she must do can be done in her own time, at her own pace, and at any stage of mourning. A Mother Loss Workbook is an ideal supplement for personal therapy and support groups, but it is an important--and perhaps the only--tool for women just starting their journey or who are hesitant to go public with their feelings. Whether a woman uses it privately or shares it with a group, no matter how long its been since her mother died, A Mother Loss Workbook will guide her toward fully understanding her loss and taking charge of her future.

38. Healing After the Suicide of a Loved One

by Ann Smolin, et al

List Price: $12.00
Amazon.com Price: $9.60
You Save: $2.40 (20%)
Paperback - 223 pages

The authors address the special needs and emotions of the survivors - those affected by the suicide of a loved one - explore the natural grief, and the added guilt, rage, and shame that dealing with a suicide often engenders. Includes a directory of worldwide support groups.

39. A Time to Grieve : Meditations for Healing After the Death of a Loved One

by Carol Staudacher

List Price: $14.00
Amazon.com Price: $11.20
You Save: $2.80 (20%)
Paperback - 256 pages

A collection of truly comforting, down-to-earth thoughts and meditations--including the authentic voices of survivors--for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one.

40. Grieving the Loss of Someone You Love : Daily Meditations to Help You Through the Grieving Process

by Ray Mitsch, et al

List Price: $10.99
Amazon.com Price: $8.79
You Save: $2.20 (20%)
Paperback - 208 pages

In a series of thoughtful daily devotions, this book offers wisdom, insight, and comfort that will help hurting people through and beyond their grief. Ideal for those struggling with the death of a family member or close friend, as well as those trying to help others deal with the death of a loved one.