Lee Barringer, Celebrant

Lee is a celebrant speaker, a person who will speak and officiate at the funeral service, or celebration of life on behalf of the family.

He will set a time to meet with the family, in which time he is  able to meet with the family  members, and gather information about the deceased.  So that he is able to compile a personalized eulogy and tribute for the service day.

A celebrant is an alternative to having a minister officiate at the service.  It is often the case where a family have not had a church background, or perhaps feel that a religious service would not be fitting for the deceased.

Lee conducts meaningful services that are still spiritual, using stories to help face the grief of a death.  Yet the focus of the service will be in reflecting your loved one’s life, who they were and what they gave.

Though families do ask at times to ask for scripture to be read. A celebrant does not make scripture the main focal point of the service.

Instead, it should be a day to pay tribute to the one you love and say thank you for all you have done, and thank you for all that you were.

This is done by focusing on their beliefs, values, qualities and attributes. And learning from what they have left for others.

A celebrant will bring all these elements together, so that on the service day it is a time that reflects your loved one, bringing comfort to your family and creating a comfortable environment for you to say goodbye.